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Our journey to growth and development was accompanied by the friendships we have built over the years. We’re delighted to have partnered up with these amazing e-commerce platforms and integrations. Cheers!

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ShotFlow is a studio production management specialized workflow tool that helps studios with planning, managing,capturing and posting images being shot. The entire workflow management of a studio becomes effortless after signing up to ShotFlow. In 2020, we entered into a partnership with ShotFlow. Now the users who avail both our services won’t to separately send us the photographs for editing. They will get ShotFlow in the same package for free, if they edit their images with us. Now just with a simple instruction to ShotFlow, the images will come directly to us, saving both parties time and effort.

Our Affiliation


In the early period of 2018, we launched our very own app “CutOutWiz”. The app provides image and video editing facilities to e-commerce store owners at $1.19 per image rate. The main intent behind developing the app was to reach ecommerce business owners regardless of their size. As we provide a per image rate, they can place orders as per their capacity. We ensure high quality editing according to the client’s preference and feedback.

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