Apps & integrations

KOW Studios

With the vision to move forward and expand our business to tap into unexplored markets, we launched “The Kow Studios” in 2019. Although globally we’ve worked with 25 studios globally till now, with Kow Studios, we are able to conduct photo and video shoots with professional brands on our own. Previously we were only involved with content post production whereas now we are taking over the content production sector as well. This way, we plan to be one of the most customer centric visual content management companies in Asia.

Shopify app

Shopify is a Canada-based multi-regional company that creates point of sale opportunity for retail and online sellers through an e-commerce platform. Using the Shopify platform, sellers are able to set up their own stores with the help of different tools and apps available on Shopify at relatively lower cost. Our app is available on Shopify as well. As Shopify is directed towards small and medium size retail sellers and drop shippers, using our app they can get image and video editing facilities at a reasonable price. We ensure quality and focus heavily on what the customer wants and how they want it, through constant communication.

BigCommerce app

BigCommerce is also an e-commerce platform providing store building, SEO ad hosting facilities to retail sellers. The main purpose behind being featured in these apps is to reach SME business owners as they constitute a big part of any economy. This platform has already enlisted more than 45000 sellers from around the globe and more than 50% of them are from USA. In order for them to have smooth selling journey where they won’t have to worry about spending hours editing images, we are constantly encouraging them to leave their image related worries to us. Through constant efficiency and skilled training, we have built up a workforce so strong that once a client starts to work with us, they are hardly likely to leave us due to uncompromising quality we provide

Amazon SPN

One of the biggest companies of the US tech industry is Amazon that provides multiple services to ensure customers all around the world have a smoother e-commerce journey. One of these services is that they provide merchants with the opportunity are to set up their own stores on the Amazon website and sell their products. Amazon sellers have been able to create a community of their own known as the service provider network (SPN) where they help each other overcome their shortcomings. As most sellers here don’t take being an Amazon seller as a full-time job,they require help from Amazon and different apps to save time and energy that can be utilized elsewhere. This is where we come in. Through our app, CutOutWiz, we try to take care of all their image and video editing worries at an affordable price. With better quality pictures, they are able to generate more revenue and take their business to the top.

ShotFlow Integration

ShotFlow is a studio production management specialized workflow tool that helps studios with planning, managing, capturing and posting images being shot. The entire workflow management of a studio becomes effortless after signing up to ShotFlow. In 2020, we entered into a partnership with ShotFlow. Now the users who avail both our services won’t to separately send us the photographs for editing. They will get ShotFlow in the same package for free, if they edit their images with us.  Now just with a simple instruction to ShotFlow, the images will come directly to us, saving both parties time and effort.