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Building the future

“The KOW Company” is an ambitious content post-production company that is growing on an accelerated rate due to its strong teamwork, persistency and company culture.It’s CEO and Founder, Kowser Ahmed Nirob realized the necessity of product photo editing in a tech-hungry, fast-paced world and thus established the entity in 2014. Starting with a 3 member team and one-room office in Bangla Motor, TKC has now grown into a family of more than 500 individuals who are working with 25 studios globally and processing around 25000 photos every day.

The company has two ventures under its wing – CutOutWiz, which is an image and video editing company and The KOW Studios, which is a product photo studio.TKC boasts of having clients not only from all corners of the world, but also from a wide variety of verticals – retail, fashion, e-commerce, automobile, to name a few. Here at TKC, we believe in doing what has to be done in the most efficient way possible, which is why we offer every possible product image editing service from a simple background removal to more commonly used services such as color correction, retouching, ghost mannequin, to even complex services such as image manipulation. The company got its well-deserved recognitions by winning the BASIS Outsourcing Award and National Export Excellence Award. Now they are working towards the mission of becoming a top consumer-based editing and content processing company in Asia.

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The KOW Company has already made its name as the best photo editing company in the content post-production industry by providing clients all over the world with outstanding image and video editing services.


Our company believes in implementing modern theories, outlooks and technologies to constantly improve the way we work. With that in mind, in order to enhance the flow of innovation and creativity in our company, we have introduced Management 3.0 – a framework that embraces the agile methodology. We have moved away from the traditional top-to-bottom hierarchy approach, to create self-responsible independent teams that work together to come up with innovative ways to complete different projects. This has proven to increase motivation and create a sense of responsibility in the team; our employees have become more enthusiastic, creative and ultimately our productivity keeps continually improving.

With the help of AI, we’ve also brought in “Happiness Index”- a tool that ranks the mood of our employees from 1 to 10 by analyzing facial expressions. When an employee ranks below a set metric for 3 consecutive days, (s)he gets contacted by HR to ensure their wellbeing. By ensuring both physical and mental health of our employees, we intend to increase their engagement and productivity level because clearly, without them, we cease to exist.